Friday, December 17, 2010

Just one treat


I finally finished up my work experience that I have been doing for the past 6 weeks so to treat myself I bought these new shoes from the chapel street sale Green with Envy. I didn't realize how high they were... whoppies daisy... goodluck to me trying to walk in them, I think I can hear the snap of my ankles coming!

Leaving for London Tuesday! I am really excited for my intense shopping day the Thursday I arrive.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Birthday Treat

Mum took me over to Yuan Rodic, AKA the Facehunter's book signing in St Kilda last week. I was excited to find out that he was also going to be speaking about his book, blog and exceptionally adventurous lifestyle of jet setting around the world. 

It was so interesting to hear him speak about how and why he initially started his internationally famous street style blog.
He told the intimate and eager group a couple of funny stories, including a crazy spanish girl running after him with her high heel after he took her photo!

Yuan is currently undertaking a couple of new projects including his own Facehunter Show and he has also been asked to speak at various universities around the globe.

Not only was Yuan captivating to listen to but he was also a really lovely guy. He personalized everybody's book with a short msg and tried to find out a bit about each individual that sat down with him. I told him I studied interior architecture and that it was my birthday but walking away I regretfully thought of all the questions I should had asked. Damn stage fright! 

Thanks Mum and my sis for the great Birthday treat!

Ps. I also popped a couple of my other Bday prezzies in the photos above. 

I am waiting for my London trip to spurge on my other Birthday and Christmas presents from the family. Zara here I come!