Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whitehouse adventure!! If only.....

Yesterday, my sister and I were lucky enough to have a little peak within the Whitehouse Institute of Design!!! I have always wanted to check out the Melbourne campus at Spencer street so as you can tell I was tickled with excitement when a friend asked us to help her model her designs for her collection.

Public vs Private
Kristen Lee Phillips

Kristen is currently in her final year of bachelor of design in fashion design and just completed a brief that dealt with the idea of Public vs Private, for example what we choose to show and what we choose to hide within fashion. She played with this idea by incorporating lace, net and leather which are commonly materials used for lingerie, to the outside of garments.
She had to produce 3 outfits, one of which was mens wear which she had never done before, but the construction was still flawless. (Special Thanks again to my friend James who helped out at the last minute!)
I was so impressed with all her items!! I am in love with her leather leggings which my sister got to wear and hopefully I can get an early order in :)


  1. Hey lyrics of louise,
    I love your blog!! I've just been enjoying all your posts.
    Which one are you in the photos? The clothes are gorgeous!

  2. Hey thank you!!
    I'm in the last photo, i know how amazing is Kristen's stuff!! I can't wait to see her next collection. She said she's going to use alot of fur :) loving fur at the moment. Very excited!!

  3. Cool. I reckon the bra is my favourite piece! Would look hot over so many things. Is any of her stuff available to buy?