Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yes I am supose to be doing my studio work at the moment. Classes have started back this week and its already intense. I'm currently trying to map out my concept proposal to present for next week's class. I am having trouble picking what idea I want to go with....

Anyway whilst half doing work I found another interesting activity for this saturday. (Which I can't go to because I work almost every weekend.. sat and sun :-( ) However I still wanted to share my find. 
Part of the State of Design Festival (click to read more about) happening in Melbourne at the moment, the brand MaterialByProduct is putting on a half an hour performance (3-3:30pm) at the NGV where they will be 'rethinking lace'. Recently the design label has also been in the process of thinking about the notion of a 'portable fashion house' whilst creating 'curtain gowns' (gowns inspired by curtain lace!) Sounds like it would be really interesting. Materialbyproduct always have some uniquely inspiring creations which really stand as DESIGN pieces rather than just everyday wearable disposable clothes.
Wish i wasn't working so many things i'd rather occupy my weekend with.
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  1. :-)

    i have chosen a concept! and I am sticking with it ohhh oooo


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