Thursday, July 1, 2010

TV trend

Shopping at alice euphemia yesterday my admiration blossomed for the simple but beautifully designed brand TV, by Monica Tywanek (Textiles, RMIT University Melbourne) and Ingrid Verner (Fashion, RMIT University Melbourne).

The current collection below incorporates beautiful materials like the last orange shirt (saw it yesterday and fell in love - would look great by itself). The pieces are fresh while still present a classic look.

The young team also recently worked in collaboration with Melbourne based graphic design company tin & ed (they have done some amazing stuff recently as well so check out their website!) to design fabric for a selection of garments. They used Digital print on raw silk for the 'Army Dreamers' collection.

tin & ed (they have done some amazing stuff recently so check out their website!)

I'm always so curious to find out the story of how designers started designing in the first place and even more so then how they managed to establish labels within such a competitive industry. Check out an interview the pair did with the FashionReview.

Definitely will be adding a few TV items to my growing shopping list :)

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