Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Magic is in the Mix Spring Racing Fashion show

Last Friday night GPO together with Schweppes put on, 'The Magic is in the Mix Spring Racing Fashion show'. In collaboration with Harper's BAZAAR they showcased races outfits that were inspired by Schweppes cocktails. The short show ignited the races fashion fever by showing looks from GPO designers such as Akira, Wyane Cooper and Lisa Ho. There were fantastic collection of prizes drawn at the end of the night, we crossed our fingers hoping to win the $1000 for Manning Cartell voucher or the 10 VIP oaks day tickets worth $1000 but unfortunately it wasn't our night. However a great goodie bag made up for our disappointment :)
Thanks GPO

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  1. That looks like such a good show! I went to one in Sydney, out of the 30 days of Fashion and Beauty - the freebie bags are amazing! Such a good promotion idea ACP magazines had. Looks like you went to one of the very best shows!